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We understand Domestic Express Distribution shipping is an integral part of your supply chain. In order to ensure that this is done with ease and speed for activities like consignment note preparation , preparation of labels, we bring in a comprehensive solution in the form of SPOTON Web Shipping Tool.


SPOTON’s Web Shipping Tool (henceforth WST)

SPOTON’s integrated WST is one of the most comprehensive online shipping solutions which would help you as a customer to manage your express shipments in the most effective and efficient manner.

Through SPOTON's WST now you can store addresses, print labels, print consignment notes, track shipments, register pickups, set up shipment alerts and do much more... This WST solution enables you to take charge of your express activities and be in control.

SPOTON’s WST is extremely easy to understand and requires virtually no training and from Day 1 your team will be able to use the same and manage Ship-Track-Delivery-Invoice in one go.

Above all this is FREE.

How would SPOTON’s WST help you as a customer?

1. Saves time & increases pickup efficiency
2. Enhances accuracy
3. Minimises error on shipment information during pickup
4. Stores all addresses for any future use
5. Records all pick up requests along with their Final status
6. Proactive information on delivery
7. Controls your express distribution needs
8. Integrates with your business applications

What one needs to start using SPOTON’s WST

• SPOTON’s Account Code
• PC with internet access
• Web browser (Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Firefox 4.0 or higher)
• Valid Email address, which also serves as customer’s login
• Laser printer for A4 sheet Con-note or Thermal label printers for Sticker based solution

How to get Web Shipping Tool

• Visit www.spoton.co.in/spotconnect today
• Register yourself with your Company Account Code and Email ID
• Contact your SPOTON Sales contact. or write to us at contactus@spoton.co.in

WST Features
• System or Manual Con Series entry while booking.
• Multiple users under single account
• Multiple accounts for one Customer
• Address Book Management with (Auto learning of customer’s receiver and delivery address)
          o Receiver address
          o Delivery address
• Multiple pickup address
• Bulk consignments booking from Excel sheet data
• Edit and cancel option before send to SPOTON (Manifest at customer’s place)
• Bulk address upload to maintain address book
• WST Manifest can be done at any time
• Con Note print option in both A4 Sheet and thermal printer with multiple stickers
• Con Pieces printing for not booked consignments
          o (Can print 'From' and 'To' location, Con Number, STL Product type and Con content details).
• eConNote download option thru SPOTConnect
• Con series stock alert upon critical order
• Monitoring of consignments from Booking 'till Delivery through single window
• Product Master and capturing volumetric and actual weight while con note creation
• MIS report for Con series allocation
• MIS report on Con Pickup Report and complete booking details with weight comparison(booking vs actual)
• Removes manual connote and sticker printing and thus saves manpower & improves efficiency at all front

Sample CON Note Sample Label Sticker Sample POD

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