Fuel & Diesel surcharge

Effective Domestic Fuel Surcharge Rate
From 1st Aug 2014 : 39%
The domestic fuel surcharge is a charge applied by SPOTON which reflects movements in the domestic price of diesel fuel from time to time. The government had on January 17 decided to move towards deregulating or freeing diesel prices from the state control and gave powers to state-owned oil firms to raise prices in small measures every month till all of their losses are wiped out, SPOTON follows the prices of diesel as announced on the Indian Oil Corporation website (http://www.iocl.com/Products/HighSpeedDiesel.aspx). SPOTON takes the average of the price of non-branded diesel in the 4 metro cities – New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai as listed on the above website. The revised fuel surcharge is communicated via the internet as it is a quick and readily accessible means of communicating the new surcharge to customers and employees of customers, to enable them to inform themselves about the shipping costs.

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